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Terms & conditions for organiszing events at exhibition centre Tariff
1. The tariff of various facilities at “Exhibition Centre” is uniform for Federal Government, Provincial Government, Private Entity, NGO, Non Profitable Organization or any Charitable Organization, However, special discount may be provided for scientific/educational events by the Chairman BoD on the recommendations of the EC Management Committee.
2. The tariff at the time of confirmed booking will be applicable to the date of future events. However, in case of any variation greater than 5% in the cost of utilities or other services, the Management of Exhibition Centre reserves the rights to apply ‘prevailing tariff’ at that time.
1. The booking will be made on first come first serve basis. In case of sector specific events, a gap of about three months between such events will be preferred.
2. The event organizer should have NTN number or be a registered organization.
3. Requisition for booking will be made by the Organization on prescribed format clearly specifying the type and details of proposed event along with dates, required space and status of the organizer etc.
4. Event Booking Advice will be issued to the Customer after getting approval of the event requisition from the Management of Exhibition Centre.
5. No organizer shall advertise any proposed event at Exhibition Centre unless booking is confirmed in writing, which will be issued after the receipt of 15% advance security amount from the organizer.
6. EC Management reserves the right to allocate the dates to any other entity, without any further intimation if the 15% advance security is not received within seven days of the issuance of the booking advice.
7. EC Management reserves the right to accept or reject the request without giving any reason.
8. Organizer will be responsible for N.O.C. / permission / payment and related dealings with City Government, etc. if any, in respect of event, advertising material, payment of excise duty, etc.
9. Organizer cannot charge any entry fee/ ticket without prior approval of EC Management.
10. The minimum booking time for any venue will be determined by the Management of Exhibition Centre from time to time and issue the booking schedule accordingly.
1. For firm confirmation, 15 % of the total amount of booking advice will be deposited as a refundable security deposit.
2. The amount of security deposit will be refundable within 15 days after the event subject to the fulfillment of physical verification of facilities utilized by the organizer, inventory reconciliation, provision of tax challan deducted by organizer and any other relevant requirement defined by EC Management.
3. Full payment will have to be made at least fifteen days before the event. In case of any non compliance, EC Management reserves the rights to impose penalty of Rs. 15,000 for each day of delay or 5% of the invoice value for each day of delay, whichever is higher but up to five days before the event. In case full payment is not made, the booking will be cancelled and 15% security will be forfeited.
4. Local Payments are acceptable through pay order/ demand draft in favor of Executive Director, EFS, UAF.
5. International Payments are to be directly made into the Account of Endowment Fund or through other banking channels.
6. Any additional usage of facility/ services will be invoiced separately according to the requirements and Terms & Conditions.
7. In case of no show or the cancellation of the event, the 15% advance security amount will be forfeited.
1. For co-ordination, Exhibition Centre Management & the organizer will exchange one week in advance, the names and contact of persons, with whom they may approach for various processes for smooth operations during the event.
2. Before the start of the event, organizer will submit and get approved complete work plan, providing details of activities/works to be carried out before/during the event.
3. Drilling, nailing and use of any sticking material, which may damage the building, either by organizer or any of the exhibitors, is not allowed.
4. Use of Fire Burner / Gas Cylinder inside the Halls / Buildings is strictly prohibited.
5. Parking of organizers, exhibitors, vendors and visitors within Exhibition Centre will be entirely at event organizer’s own risk. Exhibition Centre takes no responsibility for any theft or damage.
6. The floor plan should be designed in a way that it should not compromise the basic safety elements like fire exits, main doors, fire boxes, washrooms and cargo shutter and its approval from officials of Exhibition Centre is mandatory.
7. In case of non compliance of any condition, Exhibition Centre management reserves the right to impose penalty of Rs. 25,000 or actual value of damage, whichever is higher.
Conditions of stalls exhibitors
1. Advertisements on stall by exhibitors will not contain any wording/statement of specific political/religious nature that may affect others and are against the State.
2. Display of messages/pictures on stalls by exhibitors must be in accordance with the local, social, cultural and religious values.
3. Exhibitor will be solely responsible for the protection of its products/accessories at stall during the exhibition time.
4. Selling of food items & beverages will not be allowed at stalls.
5. Unauthorized music will not be allowed at the stalls.
6. Prior permission from EC Management will be required for the use of echo sound systems for which the noise level more than 6 d.b. are not allowed inside the halls.
7. Use of sub-standard stands and decoration tables / sub-standard counters in the stalls is not allowed and is subject to penalty.
1. It is at the discretion of the organizer to obtain ‘Third Party Insurance’, both for the visitors & the vehicles inside the premises during the days of an event, from a first class insurance company. The sum insured may be finalized in consultation with the insurance company. Organizer will have to undertake to settle the claims for damages / compensation on this account and EC Management will not be held liable in any case whatsoever.
2. In case of Force Majeure conditions which include natural calamity, any weather distortion including heavy rains, floods, the Exhibition Centre Management would not be liable to pay any damages/ compensation or adjust/refund the rental amount.
3. In case of any law& order situation, strikes, riots, if the event is postponed or cancelled, EC Management is not liable to refund or adjust the advance amount / rental amount.
Proposed tariff rate of exhibition place at uaf
A. Ground Floor
Sr.# Exhibition Place Covered Area (sq. ft.) Tariff Rate per day (lump sum)
1. Hall No. 1 2064 Rs. 40,000
2. Hall No. 2 2223 Rs. 45,000
3. Hall No. 3 3128 Rs. 60,000
4. Hall No. 4 3128 Rs. 60,000
5. Hall No. 5 1463 Rs. 30,000
6. Hall No. 6 1463 Rs. 30,000
7. Hall No. 7 2223 Rs. 45,000
8. Hall No. 8 2064 Rs. 40,000
B. 1st Floor
Sr.# Exhibition Place Covered Area (sq. ft.) Tariff Rate per day (lump sum)
1. Hall No. 1 2064 Rs. 30,000
2. Hall No. 2 2836 Rs. 40,000
3. Hall No. 3 3128 Rs. 45,000
4. Hall No. 4 3128 Rs. 45,000
5. Hall No. 5 3510 Rs. 50,000
6. Hall No. 6 2064 Rs. 30,000
C. Optional Area
1. Open area (for Exhibition, Food Street and other entertainments) Rates negotiable
2. University facilities like auditorium or other conference halls As per University Rules

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